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The city of Vrútky does not forget to develop its cultural activities. Besides organizing cultural events - exhibitions, talks, entertaining programmes, theatre and film performances, it also organizes traditional events - Vrútocká hudobná jar (The musical spring of Vrútky), Vrútocká literárna jeseň (The literary autumn of Vrútky), Od adventu do Vianoc (From Advent to Christmas).The city of Vrútky is also in charge of the operation of the cinema Kino 1. máj cinema, Library of Hana Zelinová and the Kriváň cultural hall, where most of its cultural activities take place. Several artistic bodies, that help to develop artistic activities of our citizens, operate in Vrútky, e.g. the folk group Hradisko or the Mixed church choir at the Roman-Catholic church of St. John the Baptist. There is a brass band in Vrútky too.Anothar important cultural institution in the city is the Catholic cultural house whose association with its amateur theatrical group represents well at various competitions. The basic school of art operates in Vrútky too. It organizes important event of the national importance - Small graphic forms, and several important personalities of the artistic life have come out of its gates. In 2003 the Memorial room of Hana Zelinová, a writer born in Vrútky, was open for public in the building of the city hall. A monthly newspaper Vrútočan, which informs about the life in the city, is published in Vrútky. The city was a birthplace or the place of work of important personalities of life in Slovakia. Let us mention at least a writer Hana Zelinová, a writer Ján Bodenek, an opera singer Ľuba Baricová, Magdaléna Blahušiaková, actors Oľga Borodáčová, Tibor Bogdan, František Zvarík, Radoslav Brzobohatý, a canonic Ján Komora, composers František Kováeik - Podmagurský and Frico Kafenda, specialist in the research of tinker's trade Karol Guleja, architects Stanislav Zachar and Eugen Kramár, an economist Jozef Dančo, a historian Jozef Novák, a military officer Alexander Korda, a doctor Dezider Pullmann, a young talented violine player Dalibor Karvay and others.


The first historically known teacher in Vrútky was Mikuláš Litvini, a teacher at the local protestant school in 1641. A catholic school was repeatedly established after the reformation period before 1760.Because of the reason of non sufficient financing the Roman-catholic school was closed by the establishment of the State peoples' school in 1870s.The apprentice center was first opened in the Vrutky workshops in 1887. Its official opening was approved by the Ministry of Commerce in 1900.At present there is one grammar school, two elementary schools, one leisure time center and four kinder gardens in Vrútky.